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Monty Halls' Dive Mysteries: The Curse of The Blue Hole | History Documentary | Reel Truth History


Subscribe here: 🤍 to be the first to watch more full length documentaries. Marine biologist Monty Halls is on a mystery to solve some of the greatest mysteries in the world of diving. In this episode, Monty visits the most dangerous dive site on Earth, The Blue Hole on Egypt's Red Sea coast to try and discover why it has taken the lives of so many divers. Under the surface of every body of water on earth there lurks a mystery or blood curdling legend – a tale of lost treasure, deadly curse, ghost ship or ancient civilisation. In this series Monty Halls goes in search of the real story behind the worlds greatest underwater mysteries, pushing the safety limits on truly dangerous dives backed up by cutting edge camera technology. Advances in technical diving and multi-scan mapping tools mean that these sites can be revealed as never before, all Monty needs to do is launch the expedition for the exploration to begin. This is true Indiana Jones diving wrapped around gripping detective stories set against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful and mysterious locations on earth. Welcome to the History Channel, the home of gripping and powerful documentaries. Here you can watch both full length documentaries and series that explore some of the most comprehensive pieces of world history.

What's At The Bottom Of The Great Blue Hole?


The Great Blue Hole is a massive underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize. In the winter of 2018, a submarine crew from Aquatica Submarines ventured to the bottom of the hole and made some unexpected discoveries. Science Insider tells you all you need to know about science: space, medicine, biotech, physiology, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: 🤍 Science Insider on Facebook: 🤍 Science Insider on Instagram: 🤍 Business Insider on Twitter: 🤍 Tech Insider on Twitter: 🤍 What's At The Bottom Of The Great Blue Hole?

UNDERWATER Fishing With Mini PERSONAL SUBMARINE!!! (Deep Blue Hole)


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Fatal diving accident caught on tape: Yuri Lipski


High resolution video of the orginal (non-edited) tape of Yuri Lipski. That clearly shows that Yuri DOES NOT DIE IN THIS VIDEO. So his accident "has never been caught on tape" like some film-makers are speculating.

Divers React to Bodies found at World's Deadliest Dive Site


Technical divers go diving at the Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt, a.k.a. Divers' Cemetery. This site is extremely dangerous and has claimed the life of more than 200 divers, some of them are still laying where they perished. Original Video: 🤍 ────────────────────── BECOME A MEMBER! Join here and get access to perks: 🤍 ────────────────────── Join us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Talk with us on discord: 🤍 SWAG: 🤍 Our Gear: 🤍

Cave Diving Gone Wrong into Blue Hole - What Really Happened to Yuri Lipski?!


🔔 Thank you for watching the video! If you enjoyed the video take a dive on the like button and leave a comment. Subscribe to our channel for more exciting cave diving stories! The "diver's cemetery." The nickname of the Blue Hole that sends chills down one's spine. What could've earned a diving site this horrible name? Yet, instead of scaring away divers, it became an attraction. Every diver wants to know by experience what lies in the Blue Hole which made them call it the "divers' cemetery." Are you enjoying our cave exploring videos and not subscribed yet? Please consider subscribing to our channel! The Blue Hole is located in the northern region of Dahab, Egypt. It is a site for diving and snorkeling and is mostly visited by divers who are ready to challenge their diving skills. This sinkhole goes as deep as 394 ft (120 m) underwater and it is also known as "Diver's cemetery." Most of the diving hazards across the world occur at the Blue Hole, recording about 130 to 200 deaths in the past few years. However, divers do not cease going for adventures at the Blue Hole. The plaques that were left at the Blue Hole, on the cliff that is opposite the sinkhole, are made in honor of those who died there. #cavedivinghorrorstories #caveexploringdisaster #cavedivinggonewrong _ About Cave Exploring Disasters 🎥 Videos about cave diving, cave exploring and caving gone wrong 🎨 Written, voiced and produced by Cave Exploring Disasters 🔔 Subscribe now for more cave diving, cave exploring and caving gone wrong videos _ 🔎 References: 1) 🤍 2)🤍 3) 🤍 4) 🤍 5) 🤍 💼 Business Inquiries and Contact • For business inquiries, copyright matters or other inquiries please contact us at: caveexploringdisasters🤍 ❓ Copyright Questions • If you have any copyright questions or issues you can contact us at caveexploringdisasters🤍 ⚠️ Copyright Disclaimers • We use images and content in accordance with the YouTube Fair Use copyright guidelines • Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states: “Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.” • This video could contain certain copyrighted video clips, pictures, or photographs that were not specifically authorized to be used by the copyright holder(s), but which we believe in good faith are protected by federal law and the fair use doctrine for one or more of the reasons noted above.

Divers Unsealed the Blue Hole After 40 Years. Then Disaster.


The Blue Hole of Santa Rosa, New Mexico is a popular scuba diving location that has a series of caves beneath it with a dark and mysterious past. After diving students lost their lives in 1976 the cave was sealed for 40 years. It was reopened in 2016, only to claim yet another life. The diving disasters that have happened there are terrible, but the stories are little known. In this episode we look at the tragic death of elite diver, Shane Thompson. 0:00 - The 1976 Blue Hole Death 2:38 - ADM Exploration Foundation Gets Access 3:32 - Shane Thompson and Mike Young Plan to Enter 4:49 - Moving Deeper into the Blue Hole Caves 6:14 - Mike Leaves Shane 6:58 - Mike Reaches the End of The Line 7:33 - Mike Bumps Back Into Shane 8:02 - Mike and Shane Are Reoriented 8:20 - The Guide Line Snaps 9:10 - Mike Finds Shane Again 11:52 - Mike Resurfaces Photo Credits: Autopilot - EMDX - Lyn Turner Dive Talk Full Interview: 🤍 Mike’s Website Kiss Rebreathers: 🤍 #bluehole #divingdisaster #amazinghistory

El "Blue Hole" más MORTAL del mundo | África #205 | Vuelta al Mundo en Moto


El "Blue Hole" de Dahab es el que más muertes acumula, es un gran misterio. Por otro lado es un lugar impresionante para bucear. Sorteo los controles hasta llegar a la frontera con Israel... 👕 Camisetas "Ride me Five": 🤍 - SÍGUEME EN LAS REDES - 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🖥️ Web: 🤍 👥 Facebook: 🤍 #moto #viaje #africa

Blue Hole cementerio de buzos (la muerte de Yuri Lipski)


Un lugar famoso en el mundo bien conocido por el gran numero de cadaveres que se encuentran a menudo al fondo del Blue Hole. La muerte de Yuri es una de ellas que quedo documentada en video con la camara que llevaba instalada. VIDEO de Yuri Lipski 🤍 Impact Allegretto de Kevin MacLeod está autorizado la licencia Creative Commons Attribution (🤍 Fuente: 🤍 Artista: 🤍

Cave Diving Gone Wrong - Divers Unsealed The Blue Hole After 40 Years, Biggest Mistake EVER!


🔔 Thank you for watching the video! If you enjoyed the video take a dive on the like button and leave a comment. Subscribe to our channel for more exciting cave diving stories! The #BlueHole of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. It is a circular, bell-shaped lagoon with a difference, and a destination for prominent divers. It is also a great place for lovers of outdoor activities. Though its recreational center is appealing to the general public, the underwater cave has proven to be unique and very dangerous as we will see in today’s story. This Blue Hole is located in the South of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Like its name, the water has a bluish color like that of the sky. The temperature of the water never changes, it's always 62 °F (17 °C) and about 3000 US gallons (11 m³) of water flows into the Blue Hole every minute. A rather fascinating feature is that he Blue Hole #caveexploringdisasters increases in size down the depth. That is, the top of the lagoon has a diameter of about 80 ft (24 m) while the bottom is about 130 ft (40 m). The water springs out from underground water #cavedivingfatalities, deep below 200 ft (61 m) from the west of Ogallala Aquifer. The major lagoon's depth is above 80 ft (24 m). _ About Cave Exploring Disasters 🎥 Videos about cave diving, cave exploring and caving gone wrong 🎨 Written, voiced and produced by Cave Exploring Disasters 🔔 Subscribe now for more cave diving, cave exploring and caving gone wrong videos _ 🔎 References: 1) 🤍 2) 🤍 3) 🤍 4) 🤍 💼 Business Inquiries and Contact • For business inquiries, copyright matters or other inquiries please contact us at: caveexploringdisasters🤍 ❓ Copyright Questions • If you have any copyright questions or issues you can contact us at caveexploringdisasters🤍 ⚠️ Copyright Disclaimers • We use images and content in accordance with the YouTube Fair Use copyright guidelines • Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states: “Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.” • This video could contain certain copyrighted video clips, pictures, or photographs that were not specifically authorized to be used by the copyright holder(s), but which we believe in good faith are protected by federal law and the fair use doctrine for one or more of the reasons noted above.

Why It's So Hard to Survive in Great Blue Hole


Do you love exciting journeys as much as I do? A journey to outer space, to the middle of a desert or... to a deep blue hole. Those are underwater sinkholes, similar to the ones on land. They vary in size and depth, but are ecological spots with a high diversity of plants and animals. Little is known about the deep holes blues holes due to the lack of accessibility. But I invite you on an exciting adventure towards one of the deepest blue holes on our planet. Animation is created by Bright Side. Music by Epidemic Sound 🤍 Check our Bright Side podcast on Spotify and leave a positive review! 🤍 Subscribe to Bright Side : 🤍 Our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: 🤍 Stock materials (photos, footages and other): 🤍 🤍 🤍 For more videos and articles visit: 🤍 Our App 🤍

La Misteriosa Grabacion De Yuri Lipski | Blue Hole | CEMENTERIO DE BUCEADORES


La siguiente es completamente real y tiene como protagonista a un hombre ruso de nombre Yuri Lipski, tanto fue así que la historia fue documentada por muchas personas y periódicos. si el vídeo te gustó dale pulgar arriba y suscribete al canal Te invito a ver mis otros vídeos te van a gustar FUE ENTERRADA VIVA POR SU NOVIO EN UNA CAJA 🤍 EL MERODEADOR DE LA GRANJA 🤍 EL UNICO SOBREVIVIENTE DEL AÑO 2027 🤍

Blue Hole | Thomas Asanger


Noten erhältlich unter 🤍 „Blue Hole“ beschreibt den Mythos rund um einen der spektakulärsten Tauchgründe der Welt vor der Küste des mittelamerikanischen Staates Belize. Erzählungen von Tauchern zufolge befindet sich in einer Tiefe von etwa 140 Metern eine unterirdische Wunderwelt an Tropfsteinhöhlen, einst durch das Ansteigen des Meeresspiegels geflutet. Dieses komplexe Höhlensystem lässt für Meeresforscher viele Fragen über seine Entstehung offen. Für Taucher ist das große blaue Loch nicht nur aufgrund der Vielfalt an Korallen und Fischarten von großem Reiz – nicht selten endet ein Abgang in das tückische „Great Blue Hole“ für einen Taucher tödlich. Die Komposition „Blue Hole“ vermittelt die verschiedenen Aspekte dieses Naturphänomens und seiner Faszination – die mysteriöse Anziehungskraft, die gespannte Vorfreude auf die Ergründung der Geheimnisse, die lauernde Gefahr des Abenteuers und natürlich die atemberaubende Schönheit dieses außergewöhnlichen Naturschauspiels. All das vertonte Thomas Asanger in diesem mitreißenden Konzertwerk. _ © Copyright 2012 by RUNDEL Publications / Musikverlag GmbH • D-88430 Rot an der Rot International Copyright secured · All rights reserved · Alle Rechte vorbehalten. 🤍

What is a Blue Hole? | Discovery LIVE: Into the Blue Hole


Shark Week expert Luke Tipple explains the natural phenomenon of marine sinkholes. Join Discovery LIVE on Sunday Dec 2 at 4pm ET as we dive into the Great Blue Hole in Belize with Richard Branson and Fabien Cousteau. Subscribe to Discovery: 🤍 Join us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 We're on Instagram! 🤍

Exploring a GIANT Underwater Sinkhole in Belize!


Jonathan and Zach explore the famous Great Blue Hole in Belize, first explored by Jacques Cousteau! JONATHAN BIRD'S BLUE WORLD is an Emmy Award-winning underwater science/adventure series featuring underwater cinematographer/naturalist Jonathan Bird. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ● Subscribe to Blue World 🤍 ● Become a Member 🤍 ● Check out our Extras Channel 🤍 ● Blue World Merch 🤍 ● Support us on Patreon 🤍 ● Instagram 🤍 ● Facebook 🤍 ● Twitter 🤍 ● Website 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #scubadiving #bluehole #belize Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:24 Our trip to Belize 1:08 What is a Blue Hole? 2:01 Preparing for the dive 2:48 Diving the Great Blue Hole 6:09 Exploring the top 8:09 Summary 8:30 Credits

Divers Killer | Blue Hole - Dahab-Egypt


blue hole. Divers cemetery! ⛑️Everyone's attention.⛑️ 💥Unfortunately, I will re-upload the video Because of fallacies and misinformation that appeared in the video. Thanks to everyone who corrected the information in the comments In order for anyone interested in diving to take a wrong idea or information Putting his life in danger So I will edit the video and upload it again.💥 #BlueHole#DahabEgypt#wondersab Video contents : egypt, solo travel, middle east, south sinai, paradise in egypt, red sea, exploring south sinai, diving in egypt, egypt diving, egypt scuba, scuba in egypt, diving red sea, red sea diving, dive dahab, dahab diving, diving dahab, worlds deadliest dive site, worlds most dangerous dive site, blue hole dahab, blue hole egypt, night dive egypt, diving the blue hole, diving in the blue hole,Dahab City City of dahab , Dahab,Blue hole in dahab,Blue hole dahab at red sea,Blue hole dahab deaths,Divers' cemetery,Yuri lipski diving,ss thistlegorm,Fatal diving accident blue hole dahab,blue hole dahab snorkeling,blue hole dahab documentary, blue hole dahab deaths,Dahab blue hole tragedy,blue hole arch,Blue lagoon dahab,egypt blue hole egypt,blue hole dahab freedive,blue hole dahab acciden,Red sea,diving red sea.

The Sad Story of How Yuri Lipski Was Trapped at the Bottom of the Ocean


Yuri Lipski was a russian scuba diver who decided to dive the Dahab Blue Hole in the year 2000. After incorrectly calculating his weight belt he sank to the bottom of the ocean and quickly began to suffer from nitrogen narcosis and oxygen toxicity which slowly poisoned him on the ocean floor. Scuba diving is a dangerous past time when done incorrectly and as a Thalassophobia sufferer I don't recommend it, however if you arent plagued by thalassophobia and are determined then watch Yuri Lipskis story and be aware of the dangers of this risky past time. Enjoy your scuba diving, but enjoy it safely. ♦Support the Channel - 🤍 🤍 - ♦Popular Video - 🤍 - ♦Other YouTuber Videos 🤍 - Andrew Gosden 🤍 - Hisashi Ouchi 🤍 - Gloria Ramirez ♦Social Media 🤍 🤍

Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Blue Hole, filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier



Diving the World's Deadliest Dive Site: THE BLUE HOLE, Dahab, Egypt Travel Vlog


In this video we'll explore the other side of Dahab - the underwater side! I spent several days scuba diving in Dahab, Egypt, including at the infamous Blue Hole, the world's deadliest dive site. I also went for a night dive in complete darkness! Have you ever been diving before? Would you go diving in the sea at night? Let me know in the comments! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Keep up with my travels! Instagram: 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 MY EQUIPMENT: DJI Pocket 2 Gimbal Camera: 🤍 DJI Action 2 Camera: 🤍 DJI Mini 2 Drone: 🤍 All of my gear: 🤍 Music: Epidemic Sound. Get a 30 day free trial here! 🤍 Track: Steve Hartz - Never Get Old [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 #تحيا_مصر #egypt #dahab #diving #scuba #southsinai #nightdive #sinai #travelvlog #middleeast #solotravel #travelvlogger #redsea #الشارع #السيسي

What's Inside The Great Blue Hole?


Hi, it’s Katrina! From the most famous diving spot in the world, to the most dangerous, here are 10 of the world’s most fascinating blue holes and what’s inside. Follow us on instagram! 🤍 Subscribe For New Videos! 🤍 Check out these videos you might like: Unbelievable Animals SAVING Other Animals! 🐯🤍 LARGEST Animals Ever Discovered! 🐙🤍 Wild Animals That SAVED Human Lives! 🐻🤍 10. Clues to Life in Alien Oceans This might not be the first thing when you think of blue holes, but National Geographic has reported that cave-diving scientists have discovered hot spots of microbial life deep inside three blue holes in the Bahamas. These new microbes, well, new to us, feed on sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide that are toxic to other life forms. 9. The Great Blue Hole Of Belize A blue hole is an underwater sinkhole that appears as a dark blue circle and is typically formed by the erosion of carbonate rocks. The world’s largest underwater sinkhole is located off the coast of Belize. It measures 984 feet (300 meters) across and 410 feet (125 meters) deep. 8. Missing Divers The H2S layer of the Great Blue Hole of Belize contains the remains of hermit crabs and conch shells who fell in and basically suffocated to death. It also bears the hallmarks of divers who’d tried escaping, along with a Go-Pro with memory card in-tact, and an array of scientific equipment. 7. The Blue Holes Of The Bahamas There are over 200 underwater sinkholes in and near the Bahamian island of Andros more than anywhere else in the world. 175 of them are located inland and another 50 are situated in the shallow waters offshore. 6. New Jersey’s Blue Hole The Pine Barrens of Winslow, New Jersey are home to numerous small, icy-blue pools of water known simply as the “Blue Holes.” These formations are rumored to be the pit-stops of the legendary Jersey Devil. Locals caution their children against swimming in the holes, despite how inviting they may seem 5. Dean’s Blue Hole The world's second deepest hole, is called Dean’s Blue Hole and is located in a bay west of Long Island in the Bahamas. Dean’s Blue Hole is 663 feet (202 meters) deep, making it nearly twice as deep as the average sinkhole, which has a maximum depth of 360 feet (109.7 meters). 4. Blue Hole Of Dahab The blue hole of Dahab is located in the Red Sea, along the Egyptian coast. At 393.7 feet (120 meters) deep, it’s possibly the world’s deepest blue hole but you know, jury is still out. It’s known for its stunning natural beauty, which is most visible at a depth of 184 feet (56 meters), where an opening to the Red Sea becomes visible. 3. The Azure Window And Blue Hole Of Gozo On the Maltese island of Gozo, there’s a 328-foot-high (100 meters) rock formation known as the Azure Window. Beneath it, there’s a collapsed underwater limestone cave featuring a diverse array of marine life, including all kinds of fish, fireworms, lobster, seahorses, and octopuses. 2. Santa Rosa Blue Hole The Santa Rosa Blue Hole is a natural swimming hole located in New Mexico along the historic Route 66. It sits at a near-constant temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit (16.7 Celsius) and has a surface diameter of 80 feet (24 meters), which expands to 130 feet (40 meters) at the bottom. 1. Dragon Hole The South China Sea is home to a legendary blue hole called “the eye” of the sea. Local fisherman say it is where the Monkey King found his golden cudgel in the 16th century novel “Journey to the West”. FYI a cudgel is a short, thick stick used as a weapon. #mysterious #nature #originsexplained #katrina

Anna freediving Dean's Blue Hole


Freediver Anna Von Boetticher swims in Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas. Music by Fons Beijer 🤍

10 Most Dangerous Holes on Planet Earth


10 Most Dangerous Holes on Planet Earth Subscribe To Our Channel : 🤍 4 Ever Green is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people, beautiful animals and cute things that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video! On 4 Ever Green, we will help you in mindset productivity, whether it's how to make more money videos, beautiful animals, cute birds or going over the biggest mansions in the world, we show everything here! Make sure to subscribe for more awesome videos every week! From abandoned man-made mines to natural sinkholes and underwater pits, we reveal the deepest most dangerous holes on the planet that will make you think twice before taking that stroll as they have swallowed machines, animals and people. Hello guys, welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green! In this video, we explore the 10 Most Dangerous Holes on Planet Earth and you should stick around for number 1 as some of these Earth’s deepest places have stories as dark as their depths. Our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 For more videos and articles visit our website: 🤍 family friendly pg clean #4evergreen #beautifulanimals #holes For Any Copyright Concerns, Contact Us at our email address. We will act upon your query immediately.

The Coolest Blue Hole IN THE WORLD? Hoffmann's Cay, Bahamas


Hoffmann's Cay Blue Hole is probably one of the coolest Blue Holes in the world!! This blue hole is in the Berry Islands in the Bahamas and we spent the day hanging in the shade of the cave, jumping off the small cliff, and even diving with a turtle!! This blue hole is salt water and had a bunch of other small fish swimming around. Check out the first time we visited this blue hole here 🤍 The Tula Shop - 🤍 (Thanks so much for helping us with our newest design Brie!! Checkout her youtube channel here 🤍 Support our videos through Patreon - 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Link (just click and do your normal amazon shopping - no extra cost to you) -🤍 Tula Tech Talk - 🤍 Jetty’s Vlog!!! 🤍 🤍TulasEndlessSummer_Sierra 🤍JettyTheGypsy OUR NAVIGATION SETUP: iPad (we use Navionics app sold separate) - 🤍 Waterproof case for iPad (camera doesn’t line up for 6th generation) - 🤍 Cradle for iPad mini in case (a little bulky but it works well) - 🤍 Mount for iPad mini in cradle (buy multiple bases for multiple mounting locations) - 🤍 BOATLIFE/CRUISING GEAR: Raw Elements Sunblock -  🤍 Use code “Tula” at checkout for 10% off! Towboat U.S. unlimited towing (we used them and glad we had the membership otherwise our tow would have cost over $550!) - 🤍 Waterproof Handheld VHF - 🤍 Mantus Anchor (we have the 45lb.) - 🤍 The best headlamp we’ve ever used (waterproof and red light setting) - 🤍 Suction cup navigation light (great for dinghy) - 🤍 All around white suction cup nav. light - 🤍 Great Floating Ditch Kit - 🤍 EPIRB - 🤍 Man Overboard Device (uses DSC, AIS, and has built in strobe)- 🤍 Smart Boat System - we love this because we can monitor our whole boat from an app - 🤍 Straw Hat - 🤍 Billy’s preferred Sunglasses - 🤍 Inflatable Paddleboard - 🤍 Sierra’s Bikinis - 🤍 DC Boat Fridge/Freezer (Full of Sierra’s Ice-cream..) - 🤍 Start Splicing - 🤍 FILMING GEAR: Our main camera now - 🤍 Best Drone for Flying Underway (relatively cheap - compared to others - but amazing quality and functionality and has legs to grab) -🤍 Other Drone (Folds up super small for brining everywhere - 🤍 Gopro Hero 7 (For the underwater shots and smooth stabilization) - 🤍 Flexy Tripod for phone - 🤍 Essential Boatlife Reading: Chapmans Bible (should be on every boat or in every boaters home) - 🤍 This Old Boat (Good if you are fixing up an old boat like we do) - 🤍 "The Essentials of Living Aboard a Boat" - 🤍 "Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere" - 🤍 "20 Affordable Sailboats To Take You Anywhere" - 🤍 “Dove” (Inspiring) - 🤍 “Maiden Voyage” (Also inspiring) - 🤍 “Swell” (Modern inspiring) - 🤍 Check out our sponsors and affiliate partners! Raw Elements Sunblock -  🤍 Use code “Tula” at checkout for 10% off! Hobie Polarized - 🤍 Use code “TULA2019” for 20% off! Towboat U.S. unlimited towing (we used them and glad we had the membership otherwise our tow would have cost over $550!) - 🤍 Benny and Jack Nautical Dog Collars and Leashes - 🤍?ref=tula Flying Fish Paddle Boards 🤍 Mantus Marine - 🤍 Siren Marine - 🤍 Ocean Signal - 🤍 Highfield Boats - 🤍 My Island Wifi - 🤍 MG Surfline - 🤍 Waterlust Apparel 🤍 Engel - 🤍 Music: All our music is licensed from Epidemic sound unless otherwise noted here

Tecdiving Dahab - Blue Hole and Canyon - Max Depth 135 m


Diver: Zdenek Jankovsky - TecRec Trimix Instructor and TDI Cave Diver Video covers 3 dives from July 2011 in Dahab Full Canyon (buddy Aron Daniel Arngrimsson) Neptun Cave and Deep canyon - 12 minutes bottom time in depth from 80 to 88 meters (Solo dive with support divers from 50 meters) Blue Hole - my deepest dive to 135 meters (buddy Erik Brown with support divers from 80 meters)

Diver Finds Bodies Chained Together Underwater, Then Discovers The Horrifying Truth


Diver Finds Bodies Chained Together Underwater, Then Discovers The Horrifying Truth If you're new to the channel, be sure to subscribe! Reaction Matters strives to be your #1 source for heartwarming and inspiring stories featuring amazing people. To never miss a video, subscribe to the channel! Some people just have a natural love for exploration. There are countless videos and articles all over the internet about people exploring volcanoes, deep jungles, and even the dark depths of the ocean. Many of us would never think to put ourselves at such a huge risk like this just for the sake of seeing what possible treasures can be discovered. Sometimes the findings make the risks involved more than worth it. But other times, it's the findings themselves that make you wish the risks were all that you had to be worried about. The team of divers in this story can never unsee what they were unlucky enough to come across. The Great Blue Hole located off the coast of Belize is the word's largest ocean sinkhole known to man, measuring approximately 1,000 feet across and about 400 feet in depth. It has become an extremely popular diving site over the years, but its internal structure, features lie at the very bottom still remained a mystery, until December 2018 when an expedition into The Great Blue Hole took place. It's important to note that once you get to a certain point deep enough in The Great Blue Hole, there is zero oxygen present there, meaning that absolutely nothing can survive down towards the bottom. This is also a very common spot where divers go missing due to not having the slightest clue that they're not going to be able to survive if they venture too far down. As the expedition team was traveling deeper and deeper, they noticed some strange looking conch shells. Again, nothing is able to live down there, but the shells themselves still looked a little bizarre compared to the usual conch shells people are used to seeing. When the team finally reached the bottom, the noticed some strange tracks in the sand that circled around each other with no indication or clue around as to who or what made them. The team decided to leave the tracks alone and not alter them in any way. Near where the submarine was parked, they also saw a few caves. Most of the caves had their roofs collapsed, but one cave looked as though it was in good condition and able to be entered. Inside the cave, there were many stalactites, some even as big as 40 feet in length. Stalactites are formed due to the slow drips of water and the crystallization of minerals. Since it's not possible for water to drip underwater, this meant that at one point these caves were above water. The team kept going, but the further they went inside the caves, the darker it became. The lights they carried didn't have unlimited battery life, so they had to be careful and choose wisely when to utilize the lights. Everything was going according to plan until the divers bumped into something. Since it didn't appear to be possible to continue advancing, they decided to turn on one of the lights to see what was in their way. When they were able to see what it was, their hearts certainly stopped for a few seconds. They came across what at first looked to be a ring of mannequins. This obviously not being possible, had to mean that they were either statues, or bodies. The team came to the conclusion that they were more than likely bodies due to the fact that the Great Blue Hole was known for having divers go missing while trying to explore. What happened here, is that a big team of divers was exploring, together, then their lights must have run out of battery life. So then the divers not having any sort of light source, couldn't make their way out of the cave before running out of oxygen to breathe. At this point, the expedition team decided that they had seen enough and it was time to go back to the surface to report their findings. When they arrived back at the surface, the first thing they did was alert the authorities about what they found. No one was going to go back down and get the remains, but at least the authorities could get an idea of where some of the missing people reported in the area may very well be. Maybe some of the people involved, as well as their families, could finally be at peace. But even with what they, unfortunately, had to come across, the expedition was a huge success. The team was able to find out some of what's truly at the bottom of the Great Blue Hole. #viralstory #amazingpeople #reactionmatters

2022 Blue Hole Arch of Dahab Egypt Divers Graveyard / Divers Cemetary Technical Scuba Dive


In this video, we discuss our 2022 technical dive of the Blue Hole Arch of Dahab Egypt. This dive site is also known as the diver's graveyard due to the number of divers who have died making this dive. For a longer underwater video of diving thru the arch, see our 2021 version of this video. 🤍 If you enjoy this video, please consider subscribing. This is just one of 80+ videos on the channel. 🤍

2021 Blue Hole Arch of Dahab Egypt Divers Graveyard / Divers Cemetary technical scuba dive


This video describes our Blue Hole Arch dive with Planet Divers. This dive was one of six technical dives conducted by PADI TecRec Center Dive Zone Scuba during an August 2021 trip to Egypt. Our technical dive guide was Zak El-Sayed, the Planet Divers Technical Dive Manager. This is a potentially dangerous technical dive. Do not attempt without proper technical dive training, technical equipment, and technical support. For a more complete description of the logistical process of diving the Blue Hole Arch, you can view our video of our 2022 trip transit thru the Arch. 🤍 You may also want to view our technical dive video of the Canyon in Dahab. Sinai map source: 🤍 This video is just one of the many technical diving oriented videos on the Dive Zone Scuba Youtube video channel. 🤍

Diving Disaster at The Blue Hole | Scary Fascinating (REUPLOAD)


Diving Disaster at The Blue Hole | Scary Fascinating (REUPLOAD) As many creators get the details of this dive incorrect I felt it was necessary to tell the correct story as told by someone who was there that day. After being closed for decades a group of elite divers would get rare permission to dive in the Blue Hole in New Mexico. Problems would arise and the Hole would claim the life of another diver. Yes this is a re-upload due to copyright strike the orginal was removed. I edited out that guys footage. (Thanks Aowi for the heads up before striking me but I won't your footage again my apologies :) If you want to see the full interview of Mike Young on Dive talk check out the link, 🤍 All information used was researched and compiled by myself for your viewing pleasure. Please let me know any suggestions or comments on how I can improve that experience. I appreciate you all watching and leaving your comments! Music provided by Thank you Ben for providing your music for creators to use in their very own projects. You are a good man. #caving #caveexploring #mountainclimbers

Stig Pryds -deepest P.O.V. freedive in Dean's Blue Hole


Stig Pryds is one of Denmark's deepest freedivers. He has set national records in all 3 depth disciplines. Here he is going for a fun dive down to 50 meters in Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas, taking his gopro along for the ride. Music is 'a walk' by Tycho Shot by Stig Pryds and Daan Verhoeven

Самый опасный дайвсайт в мире: Blue Hole


Что так манит дайверов на глубину именно в этом месте, почему в Дахабском Блю холл погибают люди и как погрузиться в Blu hole без риска остаться там - в видео #доманезастанешь Вообще, голубой дырой называют любую вертикальную пещеру или углубление, заполненное водой. По сравнению с другими дахабская – не такая уж и глубокая 130 метров, однако именно она считается самым опасным дайвсайтом мира из-за большого числа погибших в ней при погружениях. Стандартное погружение в Blue hole начинается за 200 метров от нее, на берегу, в небольшое расщелине bells, колокольчики. Называется он так потому, что дайверы, спускаясь по ней вниз, могут задевать баллонами стенки и издавать звук, немножко похожий на колокольчики. Выход из расщелины – на глубине 25 метров. И дальше маршрут идет вдоль рифа к самой дыре, в которую попадают через седловину. И такое погружение ничего опасного не представляет. Но дело в том, что дахабская голубая дыра – не замкнутая. Она соединяется с морем проливом, который начинается с ее дна и заканчивается на глубине 55 метров красивой симметричной аркой. И это безусловно потрясающе красивый маршрут. Вот только проходить его нужно с особенной подготовкой. 55 метров превышает предел глубины, с которой можно подняться в любой момент, нужно выходить с глубины медленно, с правильными остановками, то как учат технических дайверов. Да и одного баллона для такого погружения мало: необходимо погружаться в технической конфигурации. Но учиться техническому дайвингу долго и дорого, особенно если хочетсчя просто арку посмотреть. Так что особо неразумные желающие уговаривали местных инструкторов отвести их туда с одним баллоном ну и максимум еще одним запасным. Результат мог быть печальным: непривычная глубина, эмоции и надголовная среда при прохождении через арку могли вызывать сильнейший неконтролируемый азотный наркоз, который приводил к неадекватности дейсвтвий панике и смерти, люди могли как пойти глубоко вниз и уже не подняться, либо наоборот, резко пойти вверх и получить смертельную форму кессонной болезни. Еще одна угроза – нехватка воздуха, также бывала причиной смерти. Но. Если погружение правильно спланировано, у дайвера достаточная квалификация, и он не рвется к рекордам – погружение в Блю холл, прохождение арки или спуск к подножию – это отличный дайв. Все погружение с проходом арки занимает час, чем глубже, тем дольше. Свой рекорд на 130 метров я делала здесь и занял он у меня 2,5 часа. Но привлекает Блю холл не только дайверов: место известное, так что сюда привозят туристов из Дахаба и из Шарм-эль-Шейха просто посмотреть на дыру с берега, поплавать с ластами и маской и просто отдохнуть на берегу в одном из многочисленных кафе. Мы тоже отдыхаем после погружения, пьем бедуинский чай и едем обратно в Дахаб. ═════════════════════════════════════ ✔ ✍Подпишись на канал: 🤍 ═════════════════════════════════════ ✔ посмотри еще эти видео: Дмитрий Селихов: компания TMALL 👉🤍 E-commerce Weekend Молдова 👉🤍 #доманезастанешь #ОльгаСатановская #екоммерс #бизнес #интернетпродажи #путешествия #странымира #ecommerce #интервьюслидерами #влог #бизнесблог

Gefährliches Tauchen in den Blue Holes | Karibik


Auf den Inseln der Bahamas gibt es Wasserlöcher, die in riesige und wunderschöne Unterwasserwelten führen. Doch die "Blue Holes" sind extrem gefährlich und dürfen nur von ausgebildeten Tauchern erkundet werden. (aus: "Abenteuer Karibik") Dieses Video ist eine Produktion des ZDF, in Zusammenarbeit mit Spiegel TV. Abonnieren? Einfach hier klicken - 🤍 Alle Filme und Infos zu Terra X gibt es hier - 🤍 Mehr zum Thema gibt es in der ZDF Mediathek "Abenteuer Karibik": 🤍 Terra X bei Facebook - 🤍 Terra X bei Instagram - 🤍

Jeremy May Have Found The Lusca Monster Of The Blue Holes | River Monsters


The Bahamas are home to the blue holes, an extensive underwater cave system. These natural pools are also known as the home of Lusca, a half-octopus, half-shark hybrid monster. Jeremy goes to this paradise in the Caribbeans to investigate the case and get the answers he is looking for. It is here in these natural structures that it is said a sea monster called the Lusca lives. Subscribe to Discovery UK for more great clips: 🤍 Follow Discovery UK on Twitter: 🤍

Top 3 places you CAN'T GO & people who went anyways... | Part 8


Highlight from today's episode 👉 15:10 Time Stamps: #3 "The Descent" 0:52 Man explores most deadly dive site in world #2 "Swiss Cheese" 8:46 Divers explore an underground lake #1 "If Not Me, Then Who?" 13:36 Two massive ships collide in the South China Sea 🔊 For more NEW stories check out the "MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark and Mysterious Stories" which is available EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon Music - 🤍 ♥️ The MrBallen Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that honors & supports people impacted by violent crime go to 👉 🤍tion 👉 and click on Get Involved to join the Honor Them Society, and receive free gifts and exclusive invites to special live events! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and the rest of social media 👉 "🤍MrBallen" MrBallen merchandise 👉 🤍 Also go to our Instagram page "shopmrballen" to see deals and promotions! Our 2nd YouTube channel 👉 🤍MrBallen Shorts Spanish Language channel 👉 🤍MrBallen en Español "Top 3 places you CAN'T GO & people who went anyways..." quick links 👇 Part 1👉🤍 Part 2👉🤍 Part 3👉🤍 Part 4👉🤍 Part 5👉🤍 Part 6👉🤍 Part 7👉🤍 "Top 3 places you CAN'T GO & people who went anyways..." playlist 👇 👉🤍 Please post story suggestions on our subreddit 👉 r/mrballen (🤍 Please offer to give the Like Button a ride and as soon as they get in, roll the windows up, start chain smoking cigarettes while blaring techno music and then drop them 40 miles from their home. Also please subscribe/turn on all notifications so you don't miss any of our 3+ weekly stories! Primary sources 2) 🤍Elena Konstantinou 🤍 3) 🤍 4) 🤍 5) 🤍 6) 🤍 7) 🤍 8) 🤍 9) 🤍 10) 🤍 11) 🤍 12) 🤍 13) 🤍 14) 🤍 Thumbnail + final edits by Wes Adams: TikTok 🤍wesjadams Instagram 🤍wesjadams Music by: 🤍CO.AG Music Intro video by : Tiktok 🤍mr.poopnite Instagram 🤍mr.poopnite_ DISCLAIMER: All materials in these videos are used for entertainment purposes and fall within the guidelines of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. If you are, or represent, the copyright owner of materials used in this video, and have an issue with the use of said material, please send an email to mrballenmanagement🤍 Copyright © 2020 MrBallen. All rights reserved. #forbidden #cave #mrballen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nothing to see down here... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Seriously, no need to keep scrolling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . You are at the end. Nothing more exists beyond this. Promise. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . What are you looking for? There is nothing else here. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OK, we lied, there's more.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ☠︎ Found the secret easter egg in today's video? Be the 1st to comment what it is and where it occurs in the video, and you will get pinned!! ☠︎

How to Survive the Blue Hole


The Blue Hole is a 120 m (394 ft) deep sinkhole located at the edge of the Red Sea in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. It formed during the last ice age, thousands of years ago when water eroded rock until it became unstable and collapsed. Then water, sediment and sand settled into the hole. What is the martini effect? Which oxygen tanks should you avoid? And, how could following a light kill you? 00:00 How to Survive the Blue Hole 01:12 Don’t Go to the Light 01:50 Pick Your Tank 02:32 Leave Extra Weight 03:05 Know When to Go Up 03:44 Decompress Properly Transcript and sources: 🤍 Questions or concerns? Contact us at 🤍 Produced by the makers of What If. Check out our other channels: What If - 🤍 Aperture: 🤍 Crazy Creatures: 🤍 Your Body On: 🤍 Origins of Food: 🤍 Versus: 🤍 WTF Did I Just Watch: 🤍 Whether it’s an earthquake, mudslide or shark attack, survive whatever awaits you. How To Survive shows how to endure life-threatening moments with science and survivor stories. Note: This video is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have seen on this channel. If you think you may have an emergency, call your doctor, the ambulance or the police immediately. Underknown does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned in this video. Reliance on any information provided by Underknown is solely at your own risk. An Underknown show: 🤍 Contact us at 🤍 #HowToSurvive #BlueHole #diving

201 meters in Blue Hole. Dahab. My 2d dive on 200+


Dmitry Podolsky and Andrew Chistyakov, have achieved marks of 170 and 201 meters in Dahab in frame of deep dive programm, leading by Andrew Chistyakov. It was second dive ( on 200+ ) for Dmitry and 7th for Andrew - leading technical and cave diver in Russia. Modern methods, the huge personal experience of Andrew and his student and friend -Dmitry have allowed to make these dives safe, as well as to squeeze deco time : 201 m by 225 min.

Diving accident at the Blue Hole of Dahab with Tarek Omar


Please watch out!! Tarek Omar , he is a TDI Instructor his number 5060 - Tek Tribe - Dahab - Shams Diving center. Technical dive at the Blue Hole in Dahab. Captain Tarek Omar will take you anywhere .... just pay. And apparently you don't need to be a professional diver or even have any knowledge of the gases or even your equipment. The planned depth was a 100 meters, but we stopped at 67, you'll see why. From my own experience, I don't recommend Tarek Omar at all to anyone. Please take care, he even took money for technical courses and guided dives from divers here in Egypt and never showed up!!!

663 Ft Underwater base jump into Dean's Blue Hole no oxygen


Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean's Blue Hole, filmed by his girlfriend,on breath hold by Julie Gautier.

The Blue Hole Arch, Dahab Egypt


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